UGLYdraft is an Auckland-based proofreading, copywriting and SEO service, headed by Jack Medland-Slater.

Wait, you wanted to know more?

About the name…

I firmly believe that the first, ugly draft is an integral part of the writing process. Books, articles, essays or speeches, it doesn’t matter what you’re crafting, you’re going to start with an ugly draft.

Only with time, care and a little help from an objective eye can your work turn into something more.

That’s where UGLYdraft comes in.

I let you bypass the truly painful stage of moulding that work into something beautiful, while our professional editors can help cut, copy, clip and critique any existing work until that ugly draft turns into a fully-fledged piece of written art.

Finally, my SEO expertise ensure that your newly-minted article, speech, video or website gets the attention it deserves in search engine results.

Get in touch with me today to move beyond that UGLYdraft.