UGLYdraft is all about telling stories—your stories.

Whether that means writing them from scratch, editing what you provide or ensuring that your articles or webpages can be found on the web, we aim to give your copy the impact it needs to be successful.

Our services include:


Articles, blogs, websites and landing pages, scripts, ebooks and whitepapers: whatever you need, we can produce well-researched and well-written copy for your business or blogging needs.

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Editing matters. If you want a truly polished piece of work, you can’t skip the expertise of an editor’s eye. Our editing services can take you from a rough first draft right through to the final piece, from copyediting to development critique.

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Posting anything to the web in the modern age can seem like shouting into a hurricane. Allow us to provide a megaphone. If you already have an established website and want to perform better in search rankings, our SEO audits and consultation can help put you ahead of your competitors.

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